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The Story: The hand painted yogamats happened by accident! As an artist and a yogi I really wanted a way to blend both of my loves together. I looked down at my yoga mat one night during class and thought wow, I wonder what it would be like to practice on my mat with an image that filled my heart with joy? So I went home and decided to depict the 7 Chakras in a creative way that I understood on my mat. While I was painting I thought about all the things that were good in my life, I prayed for more healing to come in, for blessings for my mat and my practice and for anything good that the Universe would like to share down from the heaven's with me.

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I brought my mat to class the next week and everyone was really floored. No one had seen such an mat before! For me it made sense, being an artist and thinking and understanding things much better in pictures, to have my prayers laid out in front of me in color and form so that every time I practiced I was reminded of all those good things I was inviting to come into my life. As I practiced I could really feel not only the energetic vibration of my prayers, but also the healing vibrations and messages that each color held for me expressively.

Well, orders started coming in, and at first I charged only for the mat and a small amount for the paint, and then more orders came in and people started giving me more money than I asked and then it sort of dominoed into a business of sorts. The business of loving visual prayers for moving mediation. I have been blessed to meet and paint for so many gorgeous souls searching just like myself for more meaning, healing and inspiration in life.
The Process: Upon meeting with each person either via email, phone, or for tea ;-) I bring a note book and ask them what is going on in their life? What is good, what needs to change, what kinds of healing, transcendence, inspiration, or issue they are trying to resolve, going on. We talk about what really encourages them, what fills them with love, what colors, symbols, quotes, or images mean something sacred or special to them. Then we discuss the color of the mat, and or type of mat they like to practice on. The choices are 1/8" or 1/4" regular sticky mats varying in any color of the rainbow! or beautiful Mysore Cotton Yoga Rugs which are 100% biodegradable and wonderful for any type of hot yoga such as Hot Hatha, Hot Vinyasa, Ashtanga, or even Bikram.

We also talk about what type of image they would like to see on the mat, i.e. the chakras, a specific symbol, mantra, or just certain elements that they would like me to creatively and intuitively create. No two have been alike in any way! Each of the mats depicted here are specific prayers for each individual, the meanings are for them exclusively. These are just examples of previous work and know that your's too will be very special and unique to only you! While I am painting I hold a vision of your soul in light and in love, I pray for your highest good, your greatest joy and your deepest truth and healing to come to the forefront of your life.

It's a beautiful experience for me because energetically I get to connect with someone whom I may never had had the chance of spending time with and appreciating on a soul level; and I also get to blend my two loves together, art and yoga!

Included: Along with each mat comes a Certificate of Authenticity that this was hand painted by yours truly, Aline Marie, a page detailing some healing information about colors and how they pertain to the body, psyche and soul, a sheet on how to care for your mat, and most importantly a hand written 2-3 page letter about any symbology, colors, meanings, intuitions or messages that I had while I painted for you. Sometimes when I am painting I get messages from Angels, or from your Guides about what symbols you may need to help inspire and guide you along your path. Every drop of information comes from a place of non-judgment, extreme compassion, deep love for you and your unique role in the Universe, and from a place of deep peace.

I have done mats as gifts for people, some surprises, some known. You can do a Gift Certificate for a mat for a friend if you would like, or order one for your self. I ask for 2-3 weeks per mat, each mat takes me anywhere from 4-6 hours to paint and come up with each image. The mats are $400. each and shipping in the U.S. is an additional $20. Outside of the U.S. depends on the international postal rates.

"Before a class begins I like to sit still for a bit and meditate on the chakra that I think needs the most work that day.  It is so helpful for me to have something visual that I can latch onto; it helps me focus my mind.  During practice if I am in a difficult pose I will concentrate on the artwork beneath me and I find it helps me through these tough times.  And whenever my gaze rests on the dove - the symbol of the spirit of God - I remind myself exactly what brought me to class in the first place." -Paul

"I wanted to let you know that I am in receipt of the most divine piece of art that I have ever laid eyes on. It is the most stunning manifestation of soul that I have ever come into contact with. Not only is it beautiful by means of personal perception, the soul seed of intent as it is projected onto the mat is simply magical."
- Erin

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Tara Stiles Yoga
( Above, Yogi Tara Stiles showing off her hand painted mat made by Aline Marie. )

This mat was given as a gift to
Tara Stiles from Jessica Ortner, a dear friend of mine and a student of Tara.

For more information
please visit their websites:

This is Jessica's personal mat, that she commissioned for her regular yoga practice.
Jessica is the producer of "The Tapping Solution". A documentary on the positive effects of EFT Therapy.

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