About Aline


Artist. Yogi. Massage Therapist. Yoga Teacher


 Aline has taught yoga for over 16 years through out the United States and internationally. Trained at the esteemed Kripalu Institute in Lenox, Massachusetts, Aline is a multifaceted teacher of yoga. She has worked hard personally and professionally to understand the many varied physical and emotional dynamics of many populations of yoga students. Aline guides students working through physical issues (injuries, spinal issues, joint replacements, recovery from accidents etc) using a more anatomical and mechanical approach of modern hatha yoga. This same anatomical approach taught more gently and uniquely can assist in navigating delicate emotional challenges including the many levels of trauma and sudden life changes.


 Aline also  works with sports teams and athletes to create more muscle recovery and resiliency post workout or game as well as educates athletes for heightened athletic performance focus and injury prevention. She works with children and adults working through ADD, ADHD, PTSD, developmental delays and on the varying Autistic and Aspbergers spectrum. True yoga is taught uniquely to who is in the class. No two students or classes are alike, nor should they be. Every experience is custom tailored to the individual and group who collect to practice. 


 Over the last six years Aline has begun programs working with yoga students eager to delve deeper into the practice and grow into teachers of peace, firstly for themselves and then offering what they have learned to others. As a yoga teacher she sees herself as more of a guide, not a guru. Yoga teachers are master students, we are always at the beginning, there is always more to learn. Aline has also created continuing education programs blending her knowledge and experience of trauma aware yoga with restorative yoga to work with specialized populations. Aline is the creator of the Modern Hatha School of Yoga which is an accredited registered yoga school through Yoga Alliance. 

 Pet projects and other mentions, originally an artist ( and still an artist!) Aline was the first artist in the country to begin hand painting yoga mats. She has painted over 600 mats since 2004 which are located all over the globe. Aline also combines her love of yoga and music through her workshops " Acoustic Asana's " which are moving meditation yoga classes blending yoga with live music played by talented classical acoustic guitarist Marc Huberman, and guest musician friends. For a more in depth bio and resume please submit an email request.